Cartagena is a city full of leisure and all kind of activities. You know what to visit and you know that you must stay at the Loop Inn Hostel Cartagena (click here to reserve

But, do you know where to eat? In this post we are going to explain you which the best restaurants in Cartagena are, where to find cheap options or where can you eat near the beaches of Cartagena. You should know that this is a city with a delicious gastronomy. And that is why Cartagena has got lots of kind of restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

noche en Cartagena
terraza en Cartagena
If you are looking for taste…

Among the best restaurants in Cartagena are locals such as “Cañonero”, “Magoga”, “Malvasia”, “El barrio de San Roque” or “Casa Beltrí”. This establishment are ideal if you want to taste a quality and unique cuisine. A meal that your palate does not forget. We mostly recommend booking in advance because they are often in demand.

If you are looking for a good location…

If you are looking for a good location to eat, we recommend you the restaurants in downtown Cartagena or near the beach. First of all, we recommend you places such as “La Catedral”, “Riojano El Revellín” or “Bodega la Fuente”. If you want to enjoy a meal with sea views there are lots of places to do it. Restaurants like “La Playa”, “Mares Bravas” or “El Parador” at Mar Menor, are excellent examples.


If you are looking for an international taste…

There are restaurants with international taste. “Via Romana” or “dHerber pizza” are excellent Italian restaurants. If you prefer oriental food, we recommend you the Indian bar “Bollywood”, the hindu “Omkara” or the Chinese “Festivo”. 
But if you are not a big fan of exotic flavours, we can offer you the best Spanish taste. We recommend you to try the croquettes in “La Fortaleza” or the sandwiches in “Pasillo de Tapas y mas”

If you are looking for beer places…

When it comes to beer, we recommend you to visit the “BeerShooter”, where you can find beers from all over the world or “Canana L.A. Brew Pub” for craft beer.

If you are looking for green options…

If you are looking for vegetarian or vegan restaurants, one of the best options are “La Sella” and “Chef Momo”, where you will exclusively find green kitchen. You could find other options in restaurants such as “Abayarde” or “La Finca.

If you are looking for a good price…

But if you want to know where to eat on a budget in Cartagena, you should know that there are also restaurants adapted to your pocket and super tasty. For a typical “tapa and caña” (little dish and beer) we recommend you places such as “Bodega la Fuente”, “Uva Jumillana” or “Viejo Almacén”. For an accessible menu of the day we recommend you “Los Habaneros”. And to finish with a dessert we recommend you “Mannekenpis Gofres” or “Bretaña Crep’s”.

los mejores restaurantes para comer en Cartagena

As you can see, there are lots of restaurants in Cartagena for all tastes. But you are not going to enjoy it by reading this post. So, you must come to this great city. Stay in The Loop Inn Hostel Cartagena ( and enjoy an unforgettable experience.