Live and breathe the adventure of an unforgettable journey to Cartagena.

Traveler or tourist: the frontier of possibilities

The desire to share and the thirst for new experiences are crucial components of that fuel that drives the traveler to launch into the unknown. This contrasts sharply with the tourist’s main motivation, which is to feel comfortable and experience higher comfort levels than would normally be available in their place of origin. Understanding and assimilating this subtle but essential difference is of vital importance in the world of hostelry.

Comfort and prestige with a spirit of adventure

Thinking about this and for you that you love to travel, know and explore, Loop INN Hostel Cartagena allows you to choose between a private room with all its services, or a shared room for interact and socialize naturally with other adventurers. In this way, we seek to encourage social interaction as a new way of experiencing the city and its cultural richness.

Come to “Cartagena port of a thousand cultures”

In a privileged position, near the western entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, Cartagena is a city full of stories, where cultures such as the Carthaginian, Roman and Arab cultures are crossed, being urbanized repeatedly, given its strategic condition. It is a unique place, special to share with people from any part of the world.

Loop INN Hostel Cartagena: A new experience in hotelry

We invite you to live the experience. Take a step forward and be part of this new way of living the city, with a quality service and functional spaces that promote social integration: gym, shared kitchen, TV lounge and the large terrace, where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Cartagena. Dialogue, make friends, share your story, breathe the air of the traveler.