Cartagena is synonym of tourism. We have already talked about where to eat in Cartagena, o what to visit in two days. And above all, which is the best lodging among hostels in Cartagena. But the whole Region of Murcia has a brutal cultural and gastronomic heritage. Being a small region, cities and villages are separated by very short distances. This allows a dynamic and varied tourism. That is why today we are going to recommend you an essential stop in the Region of Murcia. It’s about “El Mercado del Sol De Lorca”.(

Mercado del Sol escalera
Mercado del Sol, Lorca

You should know that The Loop Inn belongs to the same tourist group as the “Mercado del Sol de Lorca”. We’re both looking for to give the best possible experience to our clients. Cartagena and Lorca are great cities for tourism lovers. And we want to be a reference for visitors who come to the Region of Murcia.

This gastronomic market is located in an exceptional place. The building was designed in 1942 by the architect Leopoldo Blanco Mora. It preserves some elements of the facade of an old noble house of the XVII century. In addition, in the fifties, Bertrand stores were located here, the epicentre of fashion and the style of Lorca society of the time.

But putting aside its history, in this building, there is one thing that can be done very well: to enjoy the gastronomy. This was the first Gastronomic Market in the Region of Murcia, whose was opening in 2017. Its aim is to create unforgettable culinary experiences. In it, gastronomy, art and culture join forces to make you enjoy. Discover a typical local or international food, a cocktail bar or a good coffee. And all this accompanied by exhibitions of art and culture.

Platos del Mercado Del Sol
Gastronomía del Mercado del Sol

In the same way you should know that in this touristic group there are still two associates to arrive. One is the future Mercado de Cartagena, which is still under construction. But when it arrives it will come very strong. And the other are some resorts in the city of Granada.

So, as you can see, we are not only promoting tourism in Cartagena. We want you to enjoy wherever you go. And we are proud to collaborate with the “Mercado del Sol” in Lorca. For this reason, we will raffle a dinner for two people in the “Mercado del Sol” in Lorca, among the clients of the Loop Inn Hostel Cartagena. We already did the same in Lorca, where four local girls won, in the “Mercado del Sol”, two nights stay in a quadruple room at the Loop Inn Hostel Cartagena. So, we will continue boosting efforts to increase Tourism in both cities.