From The Loop Inn we are very happy with Cartagena and its tourism. We have already told you about the best restaurants in Cartagena. From its union with the Mercado del Sol de Lorca for a better tourism. How to visit Cartagena in a weekend. But what we are going to talk about today makes us enormously proud. Cartagena has been chosen Accessible Tourism Destination of 2018!

Cartagena Turismo Accesible

On November 21, the Thyssenkrupp Home Solutions group chose Cartagena from among 131 locations in Spain as an Accessible Tourist Destination. The prize was shared with Benidorm. There were two requirements to participate. The first was to have a comprehensive accessibility plan for people with disabilities. And the second one has at least one accessible tourist route that allows to know the most emblematic places of the city.

Cartagena, is known for its tourism. For having been a Roman city of great importance and for its architectural wonders. But despite that, the city has been able to make itself accessible to all. The key has been to eliminate the architectural barriers of interpretation and the deposits of Cartagena Puerto de Culturas. To this end, ramps, lifts, stair-lift platforms and adapted toilets have been installed. Similarly, free wheelchair loan initiatives, museum resources for people with disabilities and reduced rates for these people have been promoted.

In the same way the househall of Cartagena has carried out an initiative with the SOI Foundation. It is an inclusive leisure initiative to facilitate the participation of disabled people in Cartagena.

Port of Cartagena, Murcia

It is worth highlighting the union of forces of private enterprise, institutions and civil society. This is what has improved the accessibility of the city. That an entire city works for a common purpose is something extraordinary. And more if it is in order to include the most disadvantaged in society. In Spain, tourism has great potential. And all the localities would have to work in this way so that no one is left without enjoying tourism.

For all this the city received 45,000 votes to be chosen as Accessible Tourism Destination 2018. It is a project in which Carthaginians have been working for five years. And for this reason it is so special. In the end, hard work for a better world has its fruits.

In this link we leave you some recommendations to plan your trip in the best way. You will find a guide with adapted centers, tourist boats and buses, car parks and accessible beaches. Find out everything here

Finally, we remind you that our Cartagena hostel is also totally accessible for everyone. Whoever you are, we want you to enjoy this special city. And staying at The Loop Inn is always the best option. Here we leave you some photos of our adapted room.